Fifth Grade

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Homework Tonight: Math SPB pages 129-130

**13 colonies test this Thursday, December 13
**Secret Santa & Xmas Party Dec 20

Another absolutely incredible day in Fifth Grade!  I can't express how much fun we are having!! You have to check out our pictures I posted today... they are awesome. 

After morning prayer, we completed our daily deskwork for language arts and math, continuing to learn about slaves prior to the Civil War (Clara Brown story) and our general 5th grade Math skills.  As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, we are not completing a Journeys lesson this week because we are jam packed full of projects and activities, which incorporate reading, writing, math, science, social studies, research, collaboration, and everything else including the kitchen sink.  This is the epitome of interdisciplinary learning.... I don't think we can fit any more subjects into our lessons!  :-)

We began with Math, skipping Lesson 6.5, which is adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  We have already done it for the past straight week, so we didn't need another day of doing the exact same thing. So, we jumped ahead to the mid-chapter checkpoint, and completed it in class and turned in for a grade.  Tonight's homework is the SPB for Lesson 6.5 (the one we skipped in class) as practice and mastery of the skills we have been working on in this chapter.  While they were working on Math, I started pulling out students to complete the mid-year DIBELS Reading assessments (like the ones I did in August and shared with you during conferences).  I will get them all completed this week, and we will do the Math next Monday.  It will give me some good study materials to graph over Christmas Break! :-)  

After snack, we went to the Church for Reconciliation during the Advent season.  This is a wonderful time to reflect on our relationship with God, with our friends and family, and meaningful ways we can share God's love and joy with others.   Then, right to Music Class.  Don't forget to mark your calendars... Christmas Concert next Wednesday Dec 19 at 6:30 pm in the Church.

Once back in the classroom, we moved to the lunch pavilions to paint our colony landscape.  Using greens, blues, browns, black, and white, students painted their paper mache landscapes, and they will begin construction by Thursday.  They look amazing.  Tomorrow, we are going to start to establish some laws for our colonies, so I can't wait to hear what they come up with, especially the punishments!  With about a half hour to spare before lunch, we reviewed our interactive notebooks in Social Studies, and I gave them the topics for the Colonies Test on Thursday.  There are 5 short answer questions, one big chart that needs to be filled in, and a bonus question.  This test is a total of 45 points.  As always, I don't want them to memorize and regurgitate facts.. I want them to understand WHY things happened in American History.  The only "memorizing" is which colonies are in the New England, Middle and Southern sections.  I gave them about 20 minutes to start preparing for their test.

After lunch, we moved onto Science, and refreshed our memories about the differences between solutions and mixtures.  Then, we broke into groups of three and completed an experiment learning about recognizing mixtures and solutions, using diatomaceous earth, tiny pebbles, and calcium chloride as our examples.  First, they made observations about the materials, then added 50 mL of water and dissolved, making observations about the mixtures.  Then, they poured the mixture over a screen, and made observations about whether the items separated again, or stayed as a solution.  Once through the screen, they then poured it through a coffee filter, again making observations.  The objective was to determine which one of the three examples are a mixture, a solution, and which is a combination of both. 

We finished the day with PE. 
If you need anything, please feel free to email me at  Have a wonderful evening!