Fifth Grade

Tuesday. September 25, 2018
*Homework Math SPB for lesson 3.1
*No Journey lesson this week (so no spelling words, no assessments)
*Half day Thursday, no school Friday (conferences)

First Field Trip to American Heritage Festival @ Schnepf Farms Thursday November 15th... we will be walking and on foot all day.  Permission slips will go home in the next three weeks. I have already reserved our tickets, so chaperone numbers are limited. If you want to chaperone, your SET training MUST be completed, driver forms in the office, and available to drive a minimum of two students. 

We had a super busy day in Fifth Grade, and I feel like we are tying up a lot of loose ends with this short week. After morning prayer, we completed day two and three of our daily deskwork, reviewed our answers, and made sure we were all on the same page.  We will complete day four tomorrow, and the assessment day on Thursday. 

Then, we tried to complete the Journey Unit One Benchmark Assessment, but we didn't get the entire test completed, so we will finish it tomorrow. 

After snack and Music, we started Math Lesson 3.1, using manipulatives to understand the concept of the "thousandths" place value.  We are beginning our chapter on adding and subtracting decimals, and understanding the "WHY" behind lining up decimals and adding appropriate place values.  We broke down the hundredths blocks into tenths blocks, to ones blocks, and then the ones block to the thousandths.  This concept is critical for recognizing the importance of adding and subtracting numbers in the appropriate place values.

After lunch and recess, we continued Math for about 15 minutes, worked through the backside of the lesson to ensure we are all on the same page. 
Then, we shifted to Religion, and I read them the story of St. Michael, and his appearance to the nobleman in the cave in Mont Sant A'ngelo in Italy.  The nobleman then went to the Bishop, who didn't really believe that he saw St. Michael, but who appeared to him three times.  We took our discussion into St. Michael as the protector and defender of the gates of Heaven, the one who battled Satan when he challenged God for ultimate power, and he reigns over the battle of good vs. evil.  We ended our discussion preparing for a visit from Marshal Stein tomorrow, as we celebrate our St. Michael feast day and learn about his choice to be our protector and defender here on Earth.

Students finished the day with PE.

If you need anything tonight, please email me at Have a wonderful week!