Fifth Grade

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Homework Tonight: Math and Language Arts 
Science Test tomorrow
Journey Assessments Friday (as usual!)
Math Chapter 10 Test Monday

We had a wonderful day in 5th grade!  After morning prayer, we jumped into language arts.  We refreshed our knowledge of similes, metaphors, and idioms, and the differences between all three.  Similies make a comparison using "like" or "as;"  metaphors make comparisons without using "like" or "as;" and idioms are phrases that have a different meaning when the words are combined into a phrase (you are the apple of my eye).  Then, we worked on identifying the differences between underlining and quoting when it comes to written work.  Books, magazine, movies, newspapers are all underlined; shorter works including poems in a book, short stories, articles in a newspaper are quoted.  We completed our Readers Notebook workpages recognizing the differences.  

Then, we had snack and off to Spanish.
We had a special treat this morning, our annual "Sing A Long" with Homer Savard and his Bluegrass Band.  We have done it every year since the beginning of ACS, and it's a fun way for the kids to goof off, sing country style songs, and laugh!  It's always a treat! 

We finished out morning partnering with Fourth Grade to complete section three of our Digital Citizens Academy workshops on using technology.  Today, we discussed kindness, and how people can be kind when communicating on line and using technology.  We also discussed cyberbullying, saying inappropriate things, and understanding that everything we post stays with us forever.  We also talked about the importance of telling trusted adults when you see, read, or hear something that is hurtful.  Sometimes, young adults need help in handling those situations, and telling adults is the right thing to do.  We then partnered and completed a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting actions that demonstrate "kind behaviors" both online and offline. 

The "homework" assignment for the next week:  Kindness Bingo Board.  If they demonstrate a behavior listed in a square, then an adult needs to initial that box.  (I can do it at school as well).  If, by next Wednesday, the bingo board is completed and fully initialized, they will collect a reward.  IF the entire class turns in completed and signed Bingo boards, then the class will also receive a class reward. 

After lunch and recess, we completed the final lesson in Chapter 10 for Maht, titled Elapsed Time.  In this lesson, students need to calculate the time passed between two events.  We drew numberlines to visualize the time lapse, students used handheld Judy clocks, and practiced their conversions.  Homework: SPB for Lesson 10.7.  The chapter test is Monday

We finished the day with BizTown, and students gathered with their "company" and started to complete the initial paperwork for processing.  We did have one speedbump today with BizTown.  Apparently, Junior Achievement made a mistake in assigning companies, and should not have assigned us Chick-Fil-A. When Ms. Holwerda and I met to assign jobs, we were short 6 positions, and wasn't sure why.  Well, this afternoon, we found out that we were given Chick-Fil-A by accident.  So, the team assigned to Chick-Fil-A now had to shift gears and were assigned new roles in the Business Complex.  Although we needed to make this adjustment, I am so proud at how easily and willingly they adapted to the change.  (Talk about a great example of learning a life lesson!)  So, I apologize for the error, but it was completely out of our control.  I promise this group will still have a wonderful experience at Biztown!!! 

Just as a side note... I am not at school tomorrow for a family medical emergency.  Mrs. Ann Jauquet is subbing for me.  They will have Math homework tomorrow night, and will need to study for their Journey tests on Friday.   

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Have a great week off!