Fifth Grade

Thursday, January 18, 2018
Math and Language Arts homework tonight. Journeys Lesson 11 Assessments tomorrow.  
Catholic Schools Week is coming up.. Jan 28-Feb 2

What a wonderful Thursday!  After morning prayer, we wrapped up our entire Journeys Lesson 11 work.  We reviewed pronouns (both singular and plural), practiced using reference materials and identifying which reference sources give what type of information, then students used their notes and character traits developed yesterday about John Adams to begin their Jane Shaffer T-Map on his character and leadership in the birth of our country.  We will finish the shaping sheet tomorrow and type their final draft.  Homework tonight: worksheet on using reference materials.

After snack, we completed Math Lesson 6.8, identifying sequences in fraction patterns.  Students wrote multiple examples in their comp books and should reference their notes if they have a challenge.  We are now pulling in all the information about Math we have learned this year. These problems require the following skills: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using benchmarks. Each problem requires three steps: (1) identify if the sequence is increasing or decreasing; (2) subtract the fractions to identify the amount of increase or decrease; (3) find the next number/missing number in the sequence.  Homework tonight: colored pages 275-276 #4-19.

We finished our morning with Art, then lunch and recess.

After lunch, we had a little treat and watched the "Liberty Kids" animated series for the episode about the Shot Heard Around the World.  Since we read about it yesterday, I thought it was a good way to introduce the commotion and the struggles that both the colonists and the British faced during this war.  Today, we read and highlighted the Second Continental Congress, and learned that the colonists attempted to ask King George for help, but he refused, and the colonies felt they had no other option than war. 

In this Social Studies unit, we are learning the technique of highlighting while reading.  We first read and highlight the key words of our comprehension questions, lay them side-by-side with the reading, then as we read, we focus on the key highlighted words.  When we find the answer to our question, we highlight what is necessary, then label it with the question number, so we can easily find it later. 

Students then finished the day with PE.

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Have a great evening!