Fifth Grade

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Next week, Fourth Grade is having their fall school supply drive to benefit St. Vincent de Paul School.  They are collecting all types of school supplies, including notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc... Please help them reach their goals and provide the tools necessary for all kids to be successful! 

We had a wonderful Tuesday here in Fifth Grade, and we blinked our eyes, and the day wad over  :-)

After morning prayer and daily desk work, we jumped into our Journey's anchor story "A Royal Mystery."  Students worked with a partner to create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the two main characters in our story (Althea and Rena).  We then reviewed everyone's findings with the entire class, and shared our ideas and comments.  Then, students worked individually on the "independent reading" activity for the story, where they needed to extract dialogue from certain scenes and determine what that dialogue tells you about the two main characters.  Our last activity for Language Arts was the decoding lesson on the rules for making the long "A" and long "E" sounds, and the various ways to use spelling to create those sounds.  Homework Tonight: Readers Notebook page 17-18.

After snack and Music, we finished our morning with Math, Lesson 1.7 on multiplying two-digit numbers, understanding the relationship with place value.  It is at this point in Fifth Grade Math when all things change.  We are no longer learning "traditional" math as you learned it when you were 10 years old.  We are multiplying by place value, rather than the old-fashioned way.  They learned how to multiply through the "ones" place value, then the "tens" place value, then added to solve. They have taken notes in their comp books, have written examples, and I have posted some pictures under my "pictures" tab to explain it to you, if you need any insight.  At first, the students complained and said it was too hard, but after a few examples and a few "ah ha" moments, they all thought it was pretty cool!!!!   Homework tonight (in math comp book) is SPB pages 15-16.

After lunch, we cracked open our Foss experiment and discovered multiple ways to use sources to create types of energy.  Students used batteries to power a motor, used tone generators to change intensity and make rice "dance,"  use solar power to spin motors, and used fire to make heat energy.  Check out the pictures under the "pictures" under the 5th grade tab! 

We finished our day with PE today!   

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Chris Sposi