Fifth Grade

Wednesday, February 13 , 2019
Homework: RN pages 213-214; Night time sky observations; Journey assessments and spelling test tomorrow.

**No school Friday, Feb 15 & Monday, Feb 18
**Trimester closes Friday, Feb 22
**American Revolution Test Friday, Feb 22
Lenten Field Trip to St. Patrick's on Wednesday, April 10

Rockin' in Fifth Grade... that's all I can say about our day! We are trying to wrap things up today, so that tomorrow is the final push before the relaxing, no-homework weekend!  After morning prayer, we completed day three and four of our deskwork, reviewed the "assessment side" AGAIN to make sure everyone knows what to do for tomorrow. 

In our Language Arts block, we tackled ALL the grammar today, pulling out from our writing folder the page of transition words that we can use in our JS paragraphs, focusing on transitions to describe time, cause/effect relationships, and compare/contrast relationships.  We have talked about these transition words in the past, but now spent some healthy time learning about the differences, and using context clues to determine the appropriate use of these phrases in compound, complex sentences.

After Spanish and snack, we played a really fun math game called "Fraction Battleship."  Ok... saying FUN and MATH in the same sentence might not seem FUN for you--- but we had fun!  The rules follow traditional battleship, but in this game, kids have their boards, pick 10 values, then the other person calls out a number/letter combination, solves the division or multiplication fraction problem, and says whether they "hit" or "miss."  With the long weekend ahead, I wasn't in a position to start Chapter 9, so this was a fun way to reinforce our fraction skills.

We finished the morning with Religion, continuing our discussion about Jesus spending 40 days in the desert, being tempted by the devil, and then reflected on all the ways we are tempted everyday by the devil.  We have thousands of choices to make every single day, and we can choose the "right" or the "wrong" choice, and it's our free will to make those decisions.  We came full-circle and spoke about God being the judge of our actions and intentions.  We, as mortal humans, have no right to judge anyone for anything at anytime. We have no idea what things God has presented to a person, what influences and situations they endure, and how they handle and process those things.  It is not our call to pass judgment on anyone.

After lunch and recess, we spent about 30 minutes decorating our bags for Valentines Day.  We pulled out glitter glue, hearts, gems, markers, and anything else we could find to add some bling and flare to our bags.  Tomorrow, anyone who wishes to bring in Valentines for the class, they are more than welcome... but no pressure.

Then, to Social Studies!  Today, we jumped from the Battle of Saratoga, and the Continental Army's newfound drive and determination to take on the British Redcoats to the Winter of Valley Forge, which painted a completely different picture. During the Winter of 1777/1778, the Continentals were struck with incredible obstacles just to stay alive. They crossed icy creeks, suffered starvation, frostbite, and sickness, coupled with their lack of adequate clothing, shelter, ammunition, and supplies, set a very bleak picture for their future. We completed the highlight of questions and the group read/class discussion, and will finish the section tomorrow.

We ended the day working on the rough draft of the stories for our constellations.  They are coming along wonderfully; I love their creativity, imagination, and inspirations.  Tomorrow, we will write the final drafts, and I will be making them all books of the constellations over the long weekend.

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