Fifth Grade

Friday, October 18, 2019
No homework this weekend

*Mark your calendars!! First field trip American Heritage Festival FRIDAY, NOV 15 ALL DAY EVENT. I have all the drivers already secured! 

Welcome to the weekend!  Although it was a short week, we definitely got a TON done! Today, after Mass, we jumped into our deskwork assessment, followed immediately by our spelling test (I was able to grade, record, and send them home today!)

After snack, we completed our weekly Journey assessments, graded, recorded, and returned them as well! 

Then, we opened up our Google Classroom, and they typed their very first Jane Shaffer paragraph on this week's anchor story, "Everglades Forever." During the week, we wrote the topic sentence as a class, then they used the book to write their two CD sentences, and their CM sentence.  Then, yesterday, they wrote the concluding sentence, and transferred it all to the Shaping Sheet, which they then peer edited.  So, today, their shaping sheet was ready to go!  They typed their paragraphs and shared them with me through the Google Classroom. 

After lunch, we voted to have our DEAR Time (drop everything and read) in the church, which was so peaceful and relaxing.  

Then, lastly in our day, we played decimal BINGO, using place value and the rules of adding/subtracting decimals to see who could get 5 in a row!  It was a fun way to end the week!

If you need anything, I can always be reached at  Have a wonderful night!
Chris Sposi
5th grade Teacher