Fifth Grade

Friday, October 20, 2017
-School Mass this Sunday @ 8:30, with piano/voice recital immediately following in the Upper Hall.
-Conferences next Friday, October 27th
-Trunk or Treat next Saturday, October 28, 2017
-Math Chapter 3 test Wednesday
-Social Studies Chapter 2 Test Thursday

We had a wonderful end to our week!  After School Mass, we jumped into our Friday assessments, starting with Spelling, then the 4 Journeys tests from the anchor story reading.  The kids did a great job this week.... lots of effort pays off! 

After snack, we learned all about adding and subtracting money in Lesson 3.11.  First, we reviewed a few key vocabulary terms, including deposits (adding money into your account) and withdrawals (taking money out of your account) and learned the basics of writing and tracking money in a checkbook.  Now, I know you are all going to say, "I do everything online" and yes, that is true, but the concept is still important. We worked through some of the share & show and they completed the On Your Own in class.  I did not assign homework this weekend, but did offer an extra credit front/back worksheet on money.  There are 9 total questions. It's great practice, and also gets them thinking ahead to BizTown!

Then, to library, and our dedicated 20 minutes of DEAR time, then lunch/recess.

In the afternoon, students worked on the Lesson comprehension for Social Studies, then we watched a short video from the History Channel about the voyage across the Atlantic and settling in Jamestown.  I really want the students to understand that this wasn't a "Disney Cruise:" they had no electricity, no plumbing, no beds, rat-infested food, no bathrooms, and not a luxury liner.  Then, when they landed in North America, they had to start from scratch, with no knowledge of the land, animals, plants, climate, natives, etc...  We will study the Jamestown colony on Monday.  My hope is to complete the Chapter Social Studies test on Thursday... keeping my fingers crossed.   

We finished the day partnering with 4th grade for a fun STREAM activity.  Using specific materials, they needed to construct an "umbrella" type of contraption to protect a coffee filter from getting wet by sprinkling "rain."  They worked as teams to design, develop, and execute a plan to keep the filter dry.  I think we may have laughed as much as we tried our best! 

Enjoy your evening!  Please email me if you need anything.

Chris Sposi