First Grade





            First Grade Highlights!


           Illustration Of Yellow Flowers.png     Religion

    The First Grade Students enjoyed Catholic Schools Week.
    We wrote "Thank You" cards to our parents, and to the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines. We are learning about different mass terms such as, tabernacle, Eucharist, Bread of Life, Priests, and Bishops. We are planning for Lent, and wrote letters thanking God for dying on the cross for us.  We also are preparing for our Lenten Retreat at Our Lady of Joy. Each student will participate in saying the stations of the cross in the church. We have lunch, and also play on their playground for a bit.  It is always a special, fun time!

    Book Spelling.png 
    Language Arts

    I love our Reading Journey's Curriculum.  It covers all areas of our Language Arts. On Mondays we review vocabulary. These words are in our story for the week.  On Tuesdays we read our story together as a class. Also, this is our text analysis day. We identify things such as the Genre, text structure, beginning, middle and end, sequencing. This talk helps us with our Comprehension test at the end of the week. On Wednesdays we learn our Grammar for the week. So far, we have studied possessive nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, subject and predicate. On Thursdays we review phonics for the week. This is a review to help us with our weekly spelling tests. Fridays are our day for assessing in all of these areas that were covered throughout the week.

    Colourful Numbers.png Math

        In Math we have covered place value and greater than,
    less than, and equal to. We also have extended counting sequencing. It is very tricky sometimes to figure out a pattern in a number sequence.  Our next units of study we will be learning properties of addition and subtraction.  We will start  our facts, and working on them in class.

      Science/Social Studies

    Our last STREAM challenge was to create a map of Joseph's and Mary's journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each map had to have a hut where they started out, at least one tree, a small body of water, and a manger with Jesus in it. Everything was made from recyclable materials. From Summer Camp we had autobots left that we used. These are small battery operated cars that follow any given black marker line that is drawn on the paper. They had fun with these little guys.

    ​We have learned about famous people in our History, and continue to work on our Space Unit. Our next unit is learning about Egypt.
    This is always a fun unit for all!