First Grade


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                         Happy Holidays!!!!

            First Grade Highlights!


           Illustration Of Yellow Flowers.png     Religion

    The First Grade students looked so great in their All Saints Day costumes.  The whole school was impressed with each
    student's presentation in the front of the church. The whole month before the big day we learned about all different saints.  We also worked on our own personal coloring and informational book about certain important saints.  Now we are getting ready to learn about our important St. Nick.  Every year we bring in a shoe, and St. Nick fills the shoe with special things. We also will be preparing for the Birth of Christ! We will be using the Advent Wreath, and will be doing other activities to celebrate Christmas.

    Book Spelling.png 
    Language Arts

    I love our Reading Journey's Curriculum.  It covers all areas of our Language Arts. On Mondays we review vocabulary. These words are in our story for the week.  On Tuesdays we read our story together as a class. Also, this is our text analysis day. We identify things such as the Genre, text structure, beginning, middle and end, sequencing. This talk helps us with our Comprehension test at the end of the week. On Wednesdays we learn our Grammar for the week. So far, we have studied possessive nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, subject and predicate. On Thursdays we review phonics for the week. This is a review to help us with our weekly spelling tests. Fridays are our day for assessing in all of these areas that were covered throughout the week.

    Colourful Numbers.png Math

    We have completed three main chapters of addition and subtraction.  We have learned about different strategies
    to help us add and subtract. With adding we can use doubles facts to help us solve an addition fact. We can take the larger addend and count up. We have also learned that with switching addends the answer will still be the same. We practiced finding the missing addend. To find the answer we can subtract. We also subtract to find the difference, or how many more, or fewer there are. Using fact families helps solve equations, and form relationships. We used bar graphs, and manipulatives to also help us solve our problems. In math we learned that is important to also know our certain vocabulary.  We have learned the meanings of words like, sum, difference, addend, minus,  and equal.

      Science/Social Studies

         We got to get together with our buddies for another
    STREAM challenge. We love getting together with our buddies to work on special things.  We also got to work with them on decorating special bags for terminally ill Cancer patients.  We are learning about past and present times. There are many important people from our History, and it was fun to learn about what special things they did in their lifetime. We talked about how things have changed so much from when the Pilgrims first came here.  We also learned about the Native Americans and how they helped the people who came to America from England. When we get back from Christmas break we will be starting our Unit on Space.