First Grade

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‚Äč             First Grade Highlights
                    Ms. Mancinelli  

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Religion-  We continued celebrating our classroom Saint. Her feast day was on Monday of this week. Saint Therese of Lisieux is known as the Little Flower of Love.
Each student wrote a journal about story of her life. I love how the kids are so interested in her story, and they seemed to have retained the information presented to them this week. We also watched a video of her, and made special tissue paper flowers that we placed by her statue in the classroom.  Again special thanks to Mrs. Shen for donating all the special St. Therese resources that we used this week.  A note to parents that we had Rosary this week as well, and your children are especially well behaved. I am impressed by the way they follow the beads.

Language Arts
We did phonic words with short o, and clusters. We also talked about rules of grammar, and that sometimes words do not follow rules. We worked on sequencing stories. It helps us with our comprehension if we know what comes First, Next, and Last. Our story for the week was about Music. Music tied perfectly with our Science and our unit of Sound.

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We continued to work on our doubles facts. More of us seem to be understanding doubles plus one, and doubles minus one mental math skill. We worked on adding three addends together. A strategy to adding the three numbers is is recognizing that it is adding two numbers first, then add the last.  Our Chapter Test is next week.

Social Studies
For the next couple of weeks we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. I have been reading the Magic Treehouse Chapter Books. I love these books because it is about a brother and sister and there adventures traveling to different times in the past. It is a great way for kids to learn about History. I have just completed the book that taught us some things about Ancient Egypt so I thought it would be great to start on this topic of study.

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Science/Social Studies
Yay! We did a fun STREAM project. We were able to follow the STREAM Model and invent our own instruments. We first asked questions. Then we moved on to imagining what our instrument would look like. Then on a piece of paper each individual student was to write their plan on paper. Then they were put into groups of two, and they were to collaborate, plan , and create an instrument with both of their ideas. They gathered their own materials and went to work. The test was to see if it could make noise. They were all successful in their creations, and they all made noise. A couple of them were the same concept, but they all looked different. It was such an enjoyable time for all!

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