First Grade


    Religion-Red Rose.png

    During this holy season of Lent we have been reflecting on how we should live the way Jesus wants us to live. We have been talking about Jesus' journey and the students seem to be really aware of how Jesus suffered for us. Our Lenten Retreat is going to be at Our Lady of Joy. We will be saying the Stations of the Cross in their beautiful new church. Each student has been assigned their own special part to say.


           The students have really come a long way. I love to see the growth in First Grade. We are at a time of the school year where we can start doing more advanced and challenging work.   Dr. Suess week was a great way to review our skills. We worked on Rhyming, ABC Order, Story Sequencing, Story Elements. We have also been practicing using a presenting voice when reading aloud. The students will be leading community prayer in the Spring so I am wanting them ready and confident when the time comes.

    Math   Number Animals.png

        When we get to a new chapter in Math, I am always able to advance in the level of skill work. The students in this class really absorb the math information presented, and they are always ready to be challenged. We just finished  double digit adding and subtracting. They can even solve double digit addition with regrouping. Time and Money is always the hardest. They all have mastered time to the hour, and the half hour, so now we are practicing time to the minute. During Dr. Suess  Week we reviewed Place Value, Greater Than, Less Than. I was able to teach them also a lesson on Rounding off. This I know is a Third Grade Skill.

    Science/Social Studies Rocket In The Sky.pngUs Capitol Building.png

        We are finishing up with our Space Unit. I have also sent home a STREAM project with the students. They are to construct a Leprechaun Trap with some help from their siblings, or parents. I am excited to see their creations. Our next Social Studies unit is American Symbols.