First Grade

    Happy New Year!

    In the next few weeks we will be working on the following.............

    Religion-Red Rose.png

    It is always fun and interesting to learn about Noah and his Ark.
    We also will be reading about Abraham and Moses, and John the Baptist. We are reminded that God is good to those who obey and are faithful to him.  God gave us laws to follow, and we will review the Ten Commandments.


       All students are now having to study vocabulary words for Spelling. These words are sight words at the beginning of every story of the week. Sight words are important to learn to read and spell, especially as their reading becomes more fluent. Phonetically our words for the next few weeks focus on ai, ay, ee, and ea. We are comparing sentences, and learning to tell the difference between questions and statements. We also continue to work on writing the date correctly using the month, day, and year. When using our computers we are working on our reading skills, and even practicing on the keyboard with beginning writing.

    Math   Number Animals.png

    Our next few weeks in math  we will be working on greater than, less than. We will use models to show which number is bigger. We also use  symbols to show greater than, less than, or equal to. (>,<,=).  We will be comparing numbers and using  our mental math skills to add 10 more and 10 less than a number.

    Science Rocket In The Sky.png

    Space! Space! Space! We all love learning about Space. We will be learning some cool, interesting facts about this subject. We have a packet with all the planets that we will be working out of. There are cool videos, and some art we may try our hand at!