First Grade

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‚Äč             First Grade Highlights

                    Ms. Mancinelli  

It was such a great first week. I am excited to start a great year with these fun kiddos!   The first couple of weeks are going to be teaching them to get in the habit of doing things. Also, I am teaching them how to do their daily work that they will be doing on their own. (Independent Work). Eventually they will be doing their independent work as I am pulling kids to work in small groups, or one on one with me.  We have been doing a lot of beginning of the year assessing (paperwork) as well. This is just one way of giving me a feel of what they know.   Mrs. Redendo (resource teacher) has been pulling them to see if they will be needing to work with her for extra help. This week we started our Curriculum in all subjects. Math Homework is Monday and Tuesday and Reading Homework is Wednesday and Thursday.  This week we met who is going to be our 6th Grade Buddy or Buddies for the year.  We will do different activities with them throughout the year, and we are lucky to have them sit next to us at Mass. I will be posting highlights from the week on this page. So hope that you will check in time to time to see what's going on in First Grade!             

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