Fourth Grade
January flew by!  We kicked February off with a school wide Invention Convention and Talent Show to end Catholic Schools Week!  The kids created some amazing stuff to show off!

This month we will continue our work with fractions and mixed numbers.  We will add, subtract, and multiply them!  We've been playing Around the World in math to practice our basic math facts so we can convert from an improper fraction to a mixed number quickly :)

We will be moving onto landforms, soil, and rocks now that our earthquake resistant buildings are completed.  The kids did an AMAZING job working together to create buildings that could withstand earthquakes!  

We're always looks for ways to integrate technology into our room.  We've been focusing on using the iPads as a format for creating work.  Last month the kids learned to use Keynote, and this month we will work with a Venn Diagram app.  



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Important Upcoming Dates

2/6 Field Trip
2/6 Book Orders Due
2/16-2/19 President's Day holiday- no school