Kinder News
Week of January 16, 2018



 This week we will continue work with subtraction.  We will also work on word problems. 

This week we focus on the letter "g" and blending words.  We will also working on predicting what will happen next in the story.  Target reading skills include identifying details and main idea of a story.  We will also discuss summarizing a story.
In grammar we will continue work on parts of speech.

High frequency words this week: find, from, on, this, but, and came.  We now have 6 words per week.

High frequency words we should know:  I, like, and, the, see, a, to, we, come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now, is, of, many, how, so, where. 

We discuss the rosary this week and how it helps us pray.

Last week it was walruses.  This week we learn more about polar bears.  We will compare the two and conduct a "blubber" experiment.

Upcoming Events

January 26: Early dismissal
January 29-February 2: Catholic Schools Week

Please join us for our monthly days of prayer:
  • Monthly Rosary - Held on the first Monday of each month at 2:20 pm, St. Gabriel's Church.
  • Community Prayer  - Held on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:05 am in the Middle School Building.
  • Monthly 8:30 AM Sunday school masses.  Students can wear their school uniform and are allowed a dress down day the next day:  
    • January 28th
    • February 25th
    • March 18th
    • April 15th
    • May 13th 

      Have a wonderful week.

      Ms. Neal