indergarten News

Religion:  This week Kindergarten will understand what Resurrection means and that because Jesus has the power to give eternal life to those who obey and follow him. We will learn and discuss about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. (John 11:39-46)

Language Arts: This week’s theme is Outdoor Adventures.

HFWs:  go, here, soon, for, they, up

Phonics/Handwriting:  Dd   Reversals for lower case b and d are very common for young children. For making a lowercase d say, “First the door knob, then the door.”

Grammar:  Past tense verbs

 Math:  The class we will discover how the order of numbers help us count to 100.  We will also be able to count by tens on the 100 chart. 
Science:  â€‹LOCKS will introduce us to magnetism.  We will make predictions and hands on investigations to learn how magnets work and what is attracted to them. 


February 28th – Fun Run /Early Dismissal (for more information about fun run go to )