Welcome  Kindergarten!


Welcome KINDERgarten Families!

It has been fun getting to know your children this past week.  It was also wonderful meeting you on Curriculum Night. This is an overview of what we will be learning in our first weeks of Kindergarten.  


Ms. Gramlich

 Religion – This week Kindergarten will be introduced to our daily prayer routine.  We will be learning the Sign of the Cross and The Glory Be Prayer.  Last week the class learned that there are 3 persons in one God.   We met our 8th grade buddies and learned how we should behave during Mass.  I was very proud of our kinders at our first two Masses!

Language Arts: Kindergarten will practice rhyming using nursery rhymes and work on letter recognition and letter phonemes for letters A-E.  We will identify names as nouns and the children will demonstrate their writing alphabet and letters skills.

 Math: The class will also explore manipulatives to learn centers and demonstrate skills in representing, counting, and writing numbers 0-5.  The children will begin work in their Go Math books, chapter 1.

 Social Studies:  This week we will learn about each other with our “about me” presentations.  The next two weeks and as needed the class will be learning about being a STAR learner (Strong Communicator, Thoughtful Citizen, Active Christian, and Resourceful Learner) and continue learning the school rules.  We will refer back to these rules on an as needed basis.  

 Science:   Last week we learned about science as we read “What is Science” and watched a slide show of who is a scientist. We learned how to properly wash our hands and the importance of using soap.  The children became observers and predicted what would happen if I put soap in milk (representing their clean hands) with food coloring (representing germs).  The kids were excited to see what happened from this chemical reaction.

 LOCKS- We will be launching into our Lowell Observatory Curriculum for Kids program this week with learning about Force and Motion.  The class will be able to demonstrate an understanding of Newton’s Second Law with carrying out hands on investigations throughout the month.