Kinder News
Week of October 23, 2017

Pumpkin Time





 Last week we represented and compared numbers through 10 using the correct math symbols.
This week we continue with the above but have also added "subitizing".  Ask your child if he remembers what that it.
We've also studies 2-D and 3-D shapes for an upcoming STREAM activity.


Last week's focus letter was "p". This week it is the letter "m". We  will now focus on blending phonemes into words.  We began working with prepositions in grammar by meeting "Preppy",the prepositional pig.  Focus vocabulary this week will be on human attributes:  cheerful, hurry, sneaky, tricky.

Wow! We are approaching 500 books read so far this year. 

High frequency word this week: review of words below.  We will soon begin adding 2 to 4 new words per week.

High frequency words we should know:  I, like, and, the, see, a, to, and we.


We are now talking about sin and how to prevent it by being images of God and following the Ten Commandments. 
We worked on our Saint dolls last week.  They will be on display in the upper hall for all to see.

Last week we described the outside of our pumpkins and then opened them up to count seeds and feel the slimy insides as well.  What fun!

Thank you for all your recyclables.  We will continue to study 3-D shapes as we work on constructing a haunted house from the materials you sent in.  In this activity, the students will have to figure out, in groups, how to arrange the shapes to create a standing structure that we can hot glue and then paint and decorate.  (I need prayers on this one.)

Upcoming Events

October  26:  Field Trip
October28:  Trunk-or-Treat
Week of October 29:  Book Fair
November 1:  Visit from Science Center has been canceled to a later date.
November 3:  Grandparent's Day
All Saint's Day
November 10:  Veteran's Day
November 10:  Evening under the Stars

Please join us for our monthly days of prayer:
  • Monthly Rosary - Held on the first Monday of each month at 2:20 pm, St. Gabriel's Church.
  • Community Prayer  - Held on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:05 am in the Middle School Building.
  • Monthly 8:30 AM Sunday school masses.  Students can wear their school uniform and are allowed a dress down day the next day:  
    • October 22nd
    • November 12th
    • January 28th
    • February 25th
    • March 18th
    • April 15th
    • May 13th 

      Have a wonderful week.

      Ms. Neal