Kindergarten News

What are we learning?


This week we will understand prayer as means of talking to God and to understand the model prayer Jesus gave us.   Matthew 6:5-15 (AC, RL).

Language Arts:  This week we will read and write to compare and contrast how weather changes in different seasons.

Phonics review short/a/ and blending CVC words.
HFW: come, me
Grammar: sentence parts and subject. 

Math: We continue practicing decomposing numbers up to 10.

Vocabulary: add, is equal to, plus

Social Studies:Kinder continues this week learning about the history of the first thanksgiving.  The class will discuss the differences of life then and now.

LOCKS:  This month’s topic is Day and Night.  The class will have opportunities to observe patterns of the sky and discuss cause and effects of the motions of the sun, moon, and star.