Welcom Kindergarten!


This Week in Kindergarten! 


Week 19   Second Week of Advent!  Peace! 

DIBELS benchmark 2 assessments this week and Christmas concert practice !  

Religion:  (AC,RL,TC, SC)This week we will learn how Mary showed us how to say Yes to God.  We will discuss how we need to say yes to God even when it is not easy.   

Language Arts:  (RL, SC)This weeks essential question is “What can we see in the sky?”.   

Grammar: Statements   

Writing: As a class we will practice brainstorming technique for a make believe story.   

Journey’s Unit 3 Review/Assessments   

HFWs: come, me, with, my, you, what,are, now are,now     Phonics: AaNn, Ff, Bb Bb                                                            Students will also identify the middle sound from the words.  

Math: (RL,SC,TC) We will practice hands on decomposing number (breaking down into sub parts) and writing equations  from their sub-parts.  We will work in pairs for math activities.  

Science:  Kindergarten will be erupting into fun with our layers of the earth activities!  



Week 18  First Week of Advent!  Hope! 

Religion: Happy New Church Year!  We will continue learning about preparing our hearts and homes for Advent.  St. Nicholas Day is approaching.  We will leave our crafted shoes out and see if we get a visit!  St. Nicholas shows us how to give to those in need.  We act in God’s image when we give gifts to those in need. (AC,TC,RL,SC) 

Language Arts:  Essential Question: Where do different animals make their homes? We will read and write about animal habitats.  

Phonics: “Bb” ,   Blend Phonemes & Middle Sound                                                               
WFW:  are , now                                                                                                  Grammar: Verbs in past tense                                                                Writing:   Together we will write a sentences using the beginning, middle, and end of our big books.                                                                                             

Math:In math this week, Kinders will practice decomposing numbers up to ten using math mats and Go Math workbooks.  (RL,SC)   

Science: This month’s LOCKS program will be hands on learning about the layers of the Earth.                                                                                                          Important Information: 

December 2nd – Advent begins 

            4th- Retake picture day! 

            6th- St. Nicholas Day.  

            8th- Holy Day of Obligation Feast of the Immaculate Conception 




Ms. Gramlich