Welcom Kindergarten!

This Week in Kindergarten!

Religion:   The Children will learn and retell events of Holy Week and understand the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. To increase understanding the class will have a Last Supper in class with rolls and grape juice.  (SC,TC,AC,RL)

Language Arts:  We will assess last week’s Journeys lesson 26: short/long u, sight words, substitute phonemes as well as singular and plural nouns. (SC,RL)

Math:  This week Kindergarten will review and assess 2D (Flat) and 3D (solid) shapes. (SC, RL). 

         No Homework this week. Have a Wonderful Easter Break!

April 18 Early Dismissal at noon

April 19 Good Friday

April 21 Easter Sunday

April 19-26 Easter Break

April 28 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast after mass 9:45 a.m.

READ, PLAY, and PRAY everyday!

Ms. Gramlich

Religion:  This week’s Theology of the Body theme is Human work.  We will have a discussion on the similarities and differences of animals and humans in their relation to work.   Our image of God series will stress that God should come first in our lives. (SC,TC,AC,RL)

Language Arts: Journey’s essential question this week is,  Why s it important to try hard?(SC,RL)

Phonics:  Uu

HFW: Do,down, went, only, little, just

Science:  This week’s objective, kindergarten will be able to name the three parts of an insect and to identify an insect from spiders, worms.

LOCKS: We will be learning this rest of the month about Earth's moon environment. (SC,TC,RL)

Math: We will review counting to 100 by ones and tens and begin our unit on Geometry.  The class will be able to identify and describe shapes beginning with two dimensional circles and squares. (SC,RL)

READ, PLAY, and PRAY everyday!

Ms. Gramlich

Religion:  This week we will read Blueberries with Sal
as we review creation and begin to establish that creation is a gift from God.  The children will understand that man is the pinnacle of all God’s creation because we are made in His likeness. (SC,TC,AC,RL)

Science: We continue our unit on life cycles as we learn more about the lifecycle of the butterfly from many books, videos and observing our classroom caterpillars. (SC,RL)

LOCKS: More fun with Magnets this week as we plan and create cars that can move with magnets. (SC,TC,RL)

Language Arts:  This week in Journey's we will read about how we get food from plants. (SC,RL)

Phonics:  Constant blends and review letters: Oo Xx, Jj, Ee, Hh, Kk

HFW Review make, play, them, give, say, new, said, good, was, then, ate, could, she, all, over, her, when some, no, he, away, must, by, there
Vocabulary: Crop, harvest, fruit, grains, vegetables

Math:  This week kinder will use counters to practice counting by tens and 100’s chart to practice counting on from any given number.  (SC,RL)

READ, PLAY, and PRAY everyday!

Ms. Gramlich