Welcom Kindergarten!

This Week in Kindergarten!

Saint Valentine's Day card exchange will be on February 14th.   We will exchange valentines and celebrate with valentine theme centers and a snack.   If you decide to send valentines, please send one for each child in the class. There is no need to write a name on the envelope, just have your child sign the card.

ACS fun run is March 1st.   I am recruiting a couple fun run parents who would be interested in decorating our flag (flag is provided) and slogan for our Kindergarten class.  There is a school wide contest for best flag and slogan! This would be a fun way to get volunteer hours! Send me an email if you are interested!

This week’s homework will not have new sight words but will include spelling CVC short o words for next week’s quiz.  CVC words are words once children master the sounds of letters that are able to stretch and sound out and even recognize to increase reading fluency.             

Important dates:  No School Friday, February 15th and 18th. 

March 1st- Fun Run!!!

Religion:  This week in our Image of God series we will be learning about Jesus as our example and that when we follow Jesus’ example, we reflect God’s image.  We will apply this by showing we care for others by making Valentine cards for the VI assisted living care center.   (SC,TC,AC,RL).

Language Arts:We will be breaking up our Poem of the Week to review sight words, punctuation, capitalization, and writing three simple sentences of their own opinion of what love is.  (SC, TC,AC, RL)

Math: This week Kindergarten will begin to count using tens place and ones place Kinder will be able to recognize, make and write numbers 12, 13, 14, and 15.  (SC,RL)

Social Studies: This week we continue learning about maps.  We will also learn about St. Valentine.  (SC,TC,AC,RL).

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 Ms. Gramlich

Religion:  This week we continue to learn about those who came to follow Jesus.  The children will learn about Zacchaeus and how Jesus showed him kindness and changes his heart.  Luke 19:1-10; I Corinthians 5:7 (SC,TC,AC,RL)
Language Arts: Why we introduce 88 High Frequency Words in Journey's program?  

Researchers found that learning just 13 of the most frequently used words will enable children to read 25% of any text (OK, that 25% wouldn't make much sense on its own, but it's a very good start).
Learning 100 high frequency words gives a beginner reader access to 50% of virtually any text, whether a children's book or a newspaper report!  Journey's program introduces 88!  Repetition is key. Please be sure to practice at home by reading over words at least once each night.  
Review Ii, Gg, Dd, Rr
Grammar: Verb review (past, present and future).
HFWsReview: is, how, of, so, many, where, this, find, from, came, but, on, will, be, into, that, your, who, go, for, here, they, soon, up (SC,RL)

MathThis week in Go Math the children will show understanding of addition as putting together and subtraction is taking apart.  Kinder will also be introduced to chapter 7 beginning with being able to recognize, make and write numbers 11 and 12.  (SC,RL)

Science: We will finish learning about the sun and begin February’s LOCKS lessons on Electricity and Magnetism.

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Catholic Schools Week!

Monday    Free Dress- If you came to Open House in Uniform
Tuesday   ACS bottoms & shirt-fun run, sport uniform, spirit, etc. Plus crazy socks
Wednesday   Vocation dress up day with a prop of what you want to do as a adult!
Thursday    Red, White and Blue Shirts Buck-O-Jeans Day
Friday    Uniforms

STREAM This week we will be streaming along with our 8th grade buddies as we read about David and Goliath to learn how we must trust in God to help us.  The class will be working in groups with the goal to create  a simple machine that will knock down Goliath.  (SC, TC, AC,. RL)

Language Arts:  Theme; Outdoor Adventures (RL)

HFWs:  go, here, soon, for, they, up

Phonics:  Letter Dd, 

Grammar:  Past tense verbs

Math: Model subtraction through minuends of 10 using manipulatives.(RL,SC)

Science:  Groundhog Day prediction (RL,SC)

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Read, Play, and Pray every day!

Ms. Gramlich

Religion: This week the class will learn about Jesus’ miracle of feeding many. John 6:11.  From this, we will look at how we can act in the image of God by sharing with those in need.(TC,RL, AC).

Language Arts: This week we will assess journeys Unit 3 and reading  (SC, RL)

Phonics: Letter Rr and ending sounds with /g/ and /b/

HFWs:  will, be, into, that, your, who

Math We will continue with Go Math chapter 6, Subtraction.  The children will learn to represent subtractions with objects, drawings, acting out and equations.(RL)

Social Studies: The class will learn about Martin Luther King and about treating others as you want to be treated.  (SC, TC, AC, RL)

Science: The next few weeks LOCKS  lessons will be learning about the Sun with observations and hands on experiments 

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Read, Play, and Pray every day!

Ms. Gramlich


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Religion: This week we begin with asking, “What is a miracle?”, and how  God /Jesus can only perform them. (SC,AC,RL)

Language Arts: Our Journeys program driving question is,” How living things change as they grow?”  This will tie in with our penguins unit as we discuss the lifecycle of the penguin. (SC,RL)

Phonics: Letter Gg, Blend phonemes, segment phonemes

Grammar: Proper nouns for people and pets.

HFWs Find, this, from, came, but, on

Math: Kindergarten will be learning to solve subtraction word problems with in 5 using objects and drawings.  We will also play games with partners that reinforce skills learned.(SC,TC,RL)

Science/Social Studies:  This week we continue learning about those fascinating birds, penguins. We will also wrap up our thermodynamics unit in our LOCKS program.   (SC,TC, Rl)

Please have your child return completed their 100 day vests Tuesday and no later than Wednesday for our 100 day fashion show!   

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Ms. Gramlich


Religion: Our lesson focus this week will be that Jesus is God the Son.  We will learn that The Bible is the holy writings divided into two parts about God.  We will begin reading scripture stories about Jesus revealing Himself. John4; 4-30 and Matthew 17:1-9.   We will resume next week with our Saints in a bag/reports.  (SC, TC, AC, RL)

Language Arts: This week our Journeys program genres will include fantasy and a Biography. The journey’s high frequency word list has increased to 6 words this week!  (SC, RL)

Phonics: Letter Ii, blending short i words and isolating middle            Iggy  Iguana Song :  sounds. 

Grammar: Proper nouns for people and pets.

HFWs:  is, of, so, how, where, many

Math We will continue reviewing and working on concepts of math fluency using manipulatives, games and working with partners and independently. (SC, TC, RL)  

Social Studies
We will learn about the inventor Benjamin Franklin and how the engineering process applies to inventors. (SC, RL)

Science: The weather outside is frightful, even in Arizona!  This is a great time for us to begin our LOCKS unit on thermodynamics.(SC, RL)

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 Ms. Gramlich

Week 20   Third Week of Advent!  JOY!

Merry Christmas! This week we will reiterate that Joy comes from giving and helping others.   It is such an exciting month with thoughts of presents, Santa, family, decorations etc. time of year, especially with little ones. Just be sure to bring Jesus into every conversation with your child about this season. Jesus is the reason for the season! 


MS. MERRY ANN Gramlich

Religion:  This week we will learn about Saint Joseph and his role in the Holy Family and how like Mary, he said yes to God.  We will also understand that CHRISTmas is a worldwide celebration of love, the love that God has for us and the love we have for one another. (AC,RL,TC, SC)

Language Arts:  (RL, SC) This week we will read Fiction and Non-fiction books about Christmas and practice what is needed in writing a story (beginning, middle, and end). 

Math: (RL,SC,TC) This week the class will work in partners using our hibernating bears to visualize what the addend is to make the sum and practice writing equations.

Science:  As we countdown to Jesus’s birthday we will also be counting down to our volcano eruptions!  The class will create a chemical reaction, causing the gas and liquid to exit our crafted volcanoes!  We will compare this to how real volcanoes erupt when pressure from hot gas and molten rock build up and break the surface of a mountain!

Social Studies  This week we will spread Joy by making Christmas cards for Veterans.  


Classroom Party is the 20th.  Be sure to bring in a wrapped book for the book exchange! 

December 17 (Monday) - ACS Spelling Bee  grades 5 - 8 at 8:30 a.m. in the Upper Hall.  All parents welcome. 

  • December 19 (Wednesday) - Christmas Program - Can You Hear the Angels? 6:30 p.m.  Boys in ties and girls in their holiday dress.  Students need to arrive by 6 p.m.
  • December 18-21 (Tuesday-Friday) - Christmas Spirit Week.  Help raise money for those less fortunate and spread the joy of Christmas. 


  • December 21 (Friday) 
  • December 22- January 7, 2019 - Christmas Break
  • January 7, 2019 (Monday) - Staff returns. 
  • January 8, 2019 (Tuesday) -  Classes resume



Week 19   Second Week of Advent!  Peace! 

DIBELS benchmark 2 assessments this week and Christmas concert practice !  

Religion:  (AC,RL,TC, SC)This week we will learn how Mary showed us how to say Yes to God.  We will discuss how we need to say yes to God even when it is not easy.   

Language Arts:  (RL, SC)This weeks essential question is “What can we see in the sky?”.   

Grammar: Statements   

Writing: As a class we will practice brainstorming technique for a make believe story.   

Journey’s Unit 3 Review/Assessments   

HFWs: come, me, with, my, you, what,are, now are,now     Phonics: AaNn, Ff, Bb Bb                                                            Students will also identify the middle sound from the words.  

Math: (RL,SC,TC) We will practice hands on decomposing number (breaking down into sub parts) and writing equations  from their sub-parts.  We will work in pairs for math activities.  

Science:  Kindergarten will be erupting into fun with our layers of the earth activities!  



Week 18  First Week of Advent!  Hope! 

Religion: Happy New Church Year!  We will continue learning about preparing our hearts and homes for Advent.  St. Nicholas Day is approaching.  We will leave our crafted shoes out and see if we get a visit!  St. Nicholas shows us how to give to those in need.  We act in God’s image when we give gifts to those in need. (AC,TC,RL,SC) 

Language Arts:  Essential Question: Where do different animals make their homes? We will read and write about animal habitats.  

Phonics: “Bb” ,   Blend Phonemes & Middle Sound                                                               
WFW:  are , now                                                                                                  Grammar: Verbs in past tense                                                                Writing:   Together we will write a sentences using the beginning, middle, and end of our big books.                                                                                             

Math:In math this week, Kinders will practice decomposing numbers up to ten using math mats and Go Math workbooks.  (RL,SC)   

Science: This month’s LOCKS program will be hands on learning about the layers of the Earth.                                                                                                          Important Information: 


December 2nd – Advent begins 

            4th- Retake picture day! 

            6th- St. Nicholas Day.  

            8th- Holy Day of Obligation Feast of the Immaculate Conception 




Ms. Gramlich