Third Grade

Week of February 5-9

We began our week reading the Gospel from Sunday's Mass, Mark 1:29-39, in our Bibles. We learned that Jesus shows us by His words and actions that we are called to love and show compassion.  The Third Graders did an awesome job leading the Rosary on Monday focusing on the Luminous Mysteries.  We also learned about the Fourth Commandment this week. We are continuing our prayer promise for our beloved Fr. Dennis and our Seminarian, Peter Lukaszewski by saying a special Our Father and Hail Mary for them every day. We celebrated an all school Mass on Friday. 

Reading/Language Arts
We focused on Lesson 18, "A Tree is Growing" by Arthur Dorros, in Journeys this week.  On Monday, we learned about Vocabulary in Context, on Tuesday, we made Predictions using an Anticipation Guide and used a Graphic Organizer (Text and Graphic Features) to assist us in Comprehension, on Wednesday, we used our Trifold to evaluate and synthesize the story, on Thursday, we read a story extension and worked on independent writing to assist us with comprehension, and on Friday, we focused on Phonics learning about words with the sound of /k/ and /kw/.

In Grammar, we learned about using the verb "Be" and Helping Verbs.

In Cursive, we practice letter "Zz".

We began reading Who Was Abraham Lincoln? by Janet B. Pascal in class.  This coincides with our President Report that is due on the 28th.
Please practice IXL Objectives D.17-18.

Please remember to have your child read at least 20 minutes every day aloud to practice fluency.

Our next Spelling Pretest, on "Two Bear Cubs", will be on Monday, February 26, and our Post/Challenge Test will be on Thursday, March 1.

We continued working on Chapter 7 in GoMath by learning how to divide by 10,5,3 and 4.

Please practice IXL Objectives I.1-5 and J.1-12.

We learned about the Life Cycles of Plants/Trees, Frogs and Butterflies.  Next, we learned about how plants and animals have inherited traits from their parents.  Finally, we learned how an animal's traits are influenced by the environment in which it lives.

Social Studies
February Current Events are due on the 15th.