Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education with Coagh Maggi! Email Coach at Students in Grades 5-8 must wear the school required PE uniform. PE uniform is optional for 4th grade. PE Grade Scale - Grading is based on individual effort and participation. Students will receive points each class for the following criteria: Effort, Participation, & Behavior

Each day is worth 15 points – 5 points for each criteria.

One extra credit assignment will be allowed per trimester by writing a page about how teamwork and a positive attitude will benefit you in life.


K-5 Scale   6-8 Scale
 O = Outstanding, 94-100%  A = 94-100%
 S  = Satisfactory, 85-93%  B = 85-93%
 N = Needs improvement, 75-84%  C = 75-84%
 U = Unsatisfactory, 65-74%  D = 65-74%
   F = 0-64%