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Dear Kindergarten Families,

This is indeed a challenging situation that we’re in. I hope that you’re healthy and managing to cope - please know that I am thinking of you and missing your child very much!

Thank you for your patience and flexibility!

Ms. Miley –Gramlich

Daily Teacher’s Schedule (Beginning Monday, 3/23/2020)

8:10 A.M.   Email Parents with daily assignments

8:10 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. Teacher Office Hours 

12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. Break

1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. Teacher Office Hours-Google meets (available by email request only)


This Week’s Lessons

Please remember your child should still be reading 15-20 minutes a day!

Check out the free resource section in Google Classroom.

April 6th-9th 

Opening Daily Routine Day 1 (Google classroom)

Progress Monitoring(Google Hangout)

HFW review: Journey reader pg. 154-155
Language Arts: Essential question: How do people get food from plants?

Read aloud:  Bread comes to Life   at Edpuzzle

 Readers notebook pg. 61 and 64.

Math: 3 Dimensional Shapes -Need 3d worksheet (Google classroom math) and a crayon before beginning video link(google classroom).

Go math Identify, Name, and Describe Spheres- Go math workbook pages: 201-202

Religion: Essential Theme: Holy Week

Lego Easter Story at Edpuzzle

Religion workbook pg. 80 (review Palm Sunday)


Opening Routine Day 2 (Google Classroom)

Language Arts: Read aloud Pie in the Sky  at Edpuzzle

Pie in the Sky story map –edpuzzle –submit work back.

Math 3d shapes video at edpuzzle 

Go Math- Cubes- workbook pgs:  203-204

Writing Prompt:  Draw and write about what kind of pie you like best.

 Religion: The Last Supper

Religion workbook pg. 81

Optional: The Last Supper craft page (Google Classroom)


Opening Routine Day 3(Google Classroom)

Language Arts: Read -Journeys Reader book pg,”Six Pigs Hop,” pg. 158

Readers Notebook pg.  66 (Exclamations)

Math:  Go Math-Cylinders- workbook: pg. 205-206

Religion:  Good Friday – Religion workbook page: 82.  Cut out the pictures and put them in order and tell the story to someone in your family.


Opening Routine Day 4(Google Classroom)

Language Arts: Read aloud Journeys Reader, “Play, Kid, Play” pg. 164

Math: Go Math-Cones-workbook pgs. 207-208

 Religion: Optional:  Resurrection Rolls with story to narrate while making them-recipe in Google Classroom.

Mystery Reader Day! Link will be mailed today!

Good Friday -No School 

The most sacred hours during Good Friday are from noon to 3:00, because this is when Jesus was on the cross. They’re sometimes known as the 3 hours of agony. During this time, hold a silence in your home, and encourage your children to do the same (to the best of their ability). Turn off the phones, TV, and other devices.


Tips for At-Home Learning

Learn when your child’s best “focus time” is. Many children function best in the morning. We know that your job obligations may restrict the hours when you are available to help your child - but perhaps there are things that he/she can complete with minimal assistance from you during “focus time.”

·         Find a designated area you plan to work each day. Have school supplies and books in that area. Let your child help you set this up with you. It will give them the sense of control and pride.

·         Allow for frequent breaks. If your child seems frustrated or is getting antsy, set a timer for 5-10 minutes and allow them to choose another activity before returning to their work.

·         Verbally tell and/or list out the assignments your child must complete in a day. A list where they can check things off can be very helpful.

·         Allow your child to plan a fun activity to do after assignments are finished.

·       Grant yourself grace! :) This is a difficult and unexpected situation for all.