indergarten News

ReligionThis week we will learn the scripture stories about Jesus’ first miracle and Jesus’ miracle of feeding many.  From this we will look at how we can act in the image of God by sharing with those in need. 
                                                                                         Language Arts:   This week’s essential question is, “How do living things change as they grow?”

HFWs: find, from, but, this came, on

Letter of the Week:  /Gg/

Phonological Focus: The class will practice two important skills for reading and writing words.   Blend phonemes- Blending skills help young readers connect the sounds together without stopping in between each sound. 

Segmenting is important because if a child can say each sound and match it to a symbol they can write words!

Math: This week we decompose, represent and write numbers from 15-17. 

LOCKS: This week we will learn about the sun and it's features.

SERVICE PROJECT! Our service project for Catholic Schools Week will be to collect winter items for St. Michael Indian School. 
K-3 is assigned to bring in Beanies.  It is a good time to get a great deal to help a great deal of children!   I have seen them on clearance at many stores!