First Grade

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                        Happy New Year!!

              Illustration Of Yellow Flowers.png     Religion

    We came back the day and have been talking about Jesus and his works.
    We have talked about several miracles, and we have worked in our Religion workbooks.  In the next couple weeks we will be talking about the Commandments. We are also going to be planning our Lenten Retreat.  It will be here before you know it.  For our retreat we go to Our Lady of Joy. All students will have a part in saying the Stations of the Cross. Then we will have lunch there before heading home.


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    Language Arts
     Our routine goes as follows. On Mondays we review our vocabulary for the week that goes along with our story. Tuesdays we read our story together aloud.  Wednesdays we learn grammar for the week. The last couple weeks we have been talking about nouns, possessive nouns, and proper nouns, and adjectives.  On Thursdays we concentrate on phonics.  Fridays we have a Spelling Test and a Reading Test.  I have been doing reading tests with them so they feel comfortable when I let them be on their own.  I will read part of the test with them, and I will let them do other parts on their own.
    The students have a daily routine of what station they are in for the day while I pull kids to read.

    Colourful Numbers.png Math
    In Math we are doing double digit addition and subtraction. I also want them to be prepared for the state testing that is coming soon.
    I have been reviewing all math skills such as adding, subtracting, fractions, time, graphing and measuring.



    Hands Holding Earth.pngSocial Studies/Science
    Every Friday we do STREAM centers. We have been receiving the LOCKs Program. Each month they send me a box with an experiment for the students.  We have done such things as constellations, sink and float, and combustion. In Social Studies our upcoming unit of study is Ancient Egypt.