Fifth Grade

Monday, November 18, 2019
Homework: 2 questions on index card for Hound Dog True; Math Chapter 4 Test tomorrow; Social Studies test Thursday 

Welcome to Monday!  We had a wonderful, busy day in Fifth Grade!  After morning prayer and daily deskwork, we jumped into Hound Dog True, and completed our group read pages 106-122, had a fantastic class discussion, then completed RN pages 147-148.  We spent time after lunch continuing to type our creative writing stories about Moe, the button, and his adventures in Laundryville! 

After snack, we completed the Chapter 4 Review for Math, and our chapter test is tomorrow.  I gave them all a study guide, in addition to our classwork to help prepare them for the test.  Tonight, should they decide to complete the SPB Extra Practice page, it will be worth either one or two extra points on their test. 

We finished the morning with an open book Chapter 7 Religion Quiz, then made hand decorated thank you notes for the chaperones on our field trip Friday.  

After lunch, we spent about 40 minutes working on our Moe stories, then jumped to Social Studies, and made a list of the topics for the test this Thursday. They then had 30 minutes to start gathering their notes and information for studying for the test.  As I told them all in class, they MUST study for this test at home!!!  They will not do well if they do not apply themselves outside of the classroom. 

We finished the day with a fun Bill Nye the science guy video about changing states of matter between solids, liquids, and gases.  We will be starting our experiments on Wednesday! 
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Chris Sposi
5th grade Teacher