Fifth Grade

Thursday, September 19, 2019
Homework Tonight: Math SPB pages 37-38; Journey Assessments/spelling test tomorrow

We had another wonderful day in Fifth Grade!  After morning prayer, we hustled to the classroom so we could get a jump on the day! We began with our deskwork, and they are writing a poem about water for the language arts portion, and they just love working on it today, so we spent more time than I had planned and they finished them!  Tomorrow, we will read them outloud to the class, and then hang them to share! 

During our shortened language arts block, we reviewed common and proper nouns, and the rules for capitalization. Then we discussed the technique of flashbacks and flashforwards in stories, very  much like our story "The Rockett Girls."  Students then practiced writing a short story using one of these techniques... I can't wait to read them.  

After snack, we learned a new way to divide.. called Partial Quotients.  At first, I got moans and groans because it's not the "normal" way to divide, but once we completed a few problems, and they figured out how easy the process was, I had smiles all over the classroom.  This strategy is not the "shortest" way to solve division problems, but if multiplying two digits numbers is not an easy process for a student, this is the way to divide.  It just gives us another alternative in math.  

We finished our morning with Art, followed by lunch and recess. 

Once back in the classroom, I needed to feel confident in their math skills with partial quotients, so we took about 30 minutes working on the classwork, and I just helped those as needed.  It gave me the chance to clarify any questions.  

We then shifted to Science, and again worked on our energy Hot Wheels experiments.  Today, groups were given one Journeys book and three pieces of track, and had to determine the design/incline of the track to have their race car go the FARTHEST.  Not only would distance depend on the incline of the track, but also on the amount of energy applied to the car during release, and the weight of the car itself.  We then tested all the track designs, and measured final distance.  I think a group made it over 20 feet! 

We ended the day with PE--- they had a blast on the field!
If you need anything, I can always be reached at  Have a wonderful night!
Chris Sposi
5th grade Teacher