Fifth Grade

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020
Homework: Journeys test and spelling test tomorrow

Bring in recycled materials by Monday: water bottles, cardboard boxes, TP rolls, paper towel rolls, buttons, bottle caps. Student teams will use these products during Catholic Schools Week to construct their own school!!!

Happy Thursday!  WE had a super busy day in Fifth Grade! We began with morning prayer, then tackled all our language arts and grammar for this week's lesson.  We learned about the prefixes: il-, ir-, im-, and in- (all meaning "not"), and used context clues to determine the appropriate use of these words.  We then learned about using transition words and phrases the link sentences together, indicate time sequences, comparing/contrasting relationships, and cause/effect relationships.  We practiced as a group, and also completed independent work. We finished with a review of irregular verbs. 

After snack, students worked in their colony groups to create a name for their colony, design a flag, and create a "welcome poster" that lists their colonial laws and consequences.  Students will be graded on participation, creativity, completion, and their clarity of laws/consequences.  Tomorrow, we will be painting our colony landscape (the paper mache will be dry!) 

We finished the morning with Art, followed by lunch and recess. 

In the afternoon, we began with Math Chapter 7, Lesson 1, learning about "parts of a whole" with regards to multiplying fractions.  We drew models to help us visually see how we are breaking up numbers and why.  Students were confident in their skills, and jumped through the lesson with flying colors!  They had enough time to complete the SPB, so I didn't even list it as homework. 

We finished the day with PE.  
If there is anything you need, please always feel free to email me at  Have a wonderful night! Chris