Fifth Grade

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
No homework tonight
**DIBELS reading test scores went home today**

Thursday, May 23-- Last day of 5th grade and noon dismissal :-((((

This was the last full day of fifth grade, and the emotions are starting to get the best of all of us... me included.  

We began this morning with prayer, then had a very jumbled day!  We began with making cards for Mrs. Kasper, congratulating her on her new Assistant Principal position in Chandler.  We will all miss her dearly, and wish her all the best in her new Administration role.  

Then, we had outside snack, and you might hear about how we saved a wild bunny that was caught in the net by the basketball court. He hopped (kind of) under the cactus bush, and we are hopeful that he regained his strength and is safe.  

After Spanish, we wrote notecards listing two things that they remember best about 5th grade, and one thing that was either hysterically funny, shocking, or crazy.  Then, we wrote "advice tips" for the incoming new 5th graders, and we invited them into our class to learn how best they can make it in my classroom.  There were a lot of "write in complete sentences," and "always pay attention," but there were a few "Ms. Sposi is really hard but she makes it all fun" so that was good!  They finished the morning making a pamphlet about entering 5th grade, which I will put on every new student's desk in August as a welcome! I also returned two math tests to them today... the beginning of the year test and the one they just took last week.  Everyone did an amazing job when compared to where they began the school year!  I was so proud of their progress!!!

After lunch and recess, we had our class party for the balance of the afternoon.  Per their request, I brought in all sorts of snacks and treats, we enjoyed each other's company, I read the notecards from the morning of our funniest memories of the year. Then, I read outloud their paragraphs (if that's even what we want to call them) from the second day of school, and they needed to guess the author.  They were ... uhm.... yeah.... not so great.  Run on sentences galore! But we laughed about them! 

We hung out, laughed until we cried, and just enjoyed each other's company.  Then, we cleaned our cubbies and desks, and loaded a TON of stuff that was sent home today.  Please have them bring backpacks tomorrow just in case they didn't finish cleaning out their desks.  

We ended the day with giving them my gifts.  This class has held such a special place in my heart, and I felt I needed to do something.  So, I took all the quotes they wrote about each other during our Lenten Retreat, and I wrote them on an 11 x 17 frame with a picture of them all on the playground this past year.  Then, I added my own note of thanks for everything they have done for me this year.  I hope they keep it, and know much I appreciate their smiles, laughter, and character!  

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