Fifth Grade

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Homework: Journey assessments tomorrow but NO spelling test; RN page 303; Math SPB pages 193-194

Another great, but WET day, in Fifth Grade.  After morning prayer, we completed our daily deskwork and reviewed the assessment side for tomorrow.  Then, we tackled Math, Lesson 9.6, and recognizing rules of numerical patterns, and completing the graph to identify missing numbers in the rules.  Homework is SPB, and the test will be NEXT WEDNESDAY. 

After snack, we had Spanish, Music and then lunch/inside recess. 

This afternoon, we completed our language arts block, working with all the verb tenses and uses of "have" and "be."  We practiced on our interactive board, then completed our Readers Notebook worksheets as a class.  We also completed an exercise of rewriting sentences using strong word choice, which seems to be a stickler for us! 

We ended our day with an intense discussion of the Battle of Trenton, watched a video about this being a turning point for the Continental Army, then students read their lesson page, and completed the comprehension questions.  They will finish the flip book page tomorrow. 

If there is anything you need, please always feel free to email me at  Have a wonderful night! Chris