What's New this Week

April 8, 2020 

  • Thank you to all who completed the ACS Distance Learning Survey. We  appreciate your input!
  • Easter Break will be a break from schooling as originally planned. . We will hold online classes on Thursday, April 9, but no direct instruction from April 10-19.
  • The due date to contribute to the Tax Credit Program is still April 15, even though the due date to file your taxes has been extended to July 15. If you wish to redirect a portion of your state tax liability to ACS, please do so by April 15.
  • The FAIR Round 1 deadline for application submittal for CEA scholarships is being extended until April 22nd.  CEA will be working to notify families early, by June 3rd of Round 1 Awards/Denials.  

    As the Federal and State tax filing deadlines have been extended which may prevent some families from having their 2019 tax return to send, FAIR will now accept the following forms of income documentation in order to verify income and complete the application:

    • 2019 Federal Tax Return preferred if completed, and if not:
      • 2018 Federal Tax Return
      • 2019 W-2’s
    • The Statement of Income form and letter from the Principal for those that do not file taxes remains the same

  • Campus construction continues. Work has begun on the church site. School is moving along. Drive through and check it out.
  • Your ACS family is here to help! 
    • Dr. Pristash   spristash@acsphx.org
    • Mrs. Garcia   office@acsphx.org
    • Mrs. Schwartz  lschwartz@acsphx.org
    • Mrs. McCann kmccann@acsphx.org