Student Council

Student Council Leadership Day 2016
by Lauryn Carter

Leadership Day 2016

On September 16, Bourgade Catholic High School held a “leadership day” on their campus. The intended purpose was to enhance the leadership skills of the student council members from Catholic schools affiliated with the diocese.

The day began with quick activities and games where we were pushed outside of our comfort zones, and needed to dig into the far corners of our imagination. Additionally, they provided opportunities for us to get to know officers from other schools.

After being split into assigned groups, we rotated through a circuit of thoroughly planned exercises, each one designed to stimulate our thought process, and, some of which required us to get rather crafty with our solutions.

After lunch, a lighthearted pep rally was held to close out the eventful day, giving us junior high students a glimpse of high school campus life, academics, and athletics.

In my opinion, this was so incredibly insightful. As members of Annunciation’s new and developing student council, every one of us came back with comical recounts, and exciting new ideas, which we are all eager to put into action. Additionally, he leadership and team building experience has unified the council. We all were able to take away so much crucial knowledge in regards to leadership, and I’m positive that we all came back stronger and more educated as student body officers.

With keen officers and refreshing ideas, Annunciation’s student council is ready to serve!


Meet our 2016-2017 Student Council 

President: Dayton McCann

Vice president: Lauryn Carter

Secretary: Emma Sharp

Treasurer: Ben Howland

Student Affairs: Grace VanDenBerg

Religious Affairs: Qiliana Garcia

8th grade rep: Drew Savage

8th grade rep: Berkeley Allison

7th grade rep: Natalie Schlarb 

6th grade rep: Ashlynn Carter

6th grade rep: Ava Bush